At the beginning...

There was soil. Hopefully soil and not dirt. Traditional farming practices have turned the earth's beautiful, lush, dark, nutritious soil into dry, dusty, depleted dirt. I want to change those practices one step at a time through giving back to the soil as it gives to me to grow my vegetables. The soil's needs in spring, summer, fall and winter need to be taken into account, just like the needs of each vegetable I care for. 

At the beginning of my farm there is soil. I remember this grounding and gratifying notion as I embark on an unpredictable journey of starting First Cut Farm. I have spent this fall planning and preparing: gleaning as much information as I can from other farmers at conferences, pouring over seed catalogs to find the best and most exciting varieties, imagining the amount of food I will grow and where I will sell it all, and trying not to be too overwhelmed. Some days I wake up filled with energy, like an early spring day, ready to plant and grow, while other days I am overridden with the complexity and stress of owning a small business, let alone a farm business. I try to remember in those times to reconnect with my passion and drive to grow my own food to share with those around me and the energy of this small farm movement. This power in a new food system is all rooted in the earth, so at the beginning there is soil.