I run and own First Cut Farm as a solo, hand grown farm, growing a mix of vegetables on 1/3 of an acre. I am a filmmaker turned farmer and the name comes from the film term first cut, which is the first version of a film, as well as the finest cut of a vegetable. My passion and drive to grow food comes from the urge to share that bounty with those around me and connect the energy of this small farm movement with the community. The power in a new food system is all rooted in the earth that First Cut Farm is a part of. 

At the small scale of First Cut Farm, I work by hand with meticulous care. Traditional farming practices have turned the earth's beautiful, lush, dark, nutritious soil into dry, dusty, depleted dirt. I want to change those practices one step at a time through giving back to the soil as it gives to me to grow my vegetables. I emphasize using hand tools and lower impact methods for soil health.

First Cut Farm, located in Burlington, Washington as part of an incubator farm site, called Viva Farms, which hosts many diverse and unique farm businesses under the same parcel of land. I sell my vegetables through a Seattle-based CSA, one farmers market and small restaurants. 

-Farmer Linda Fenstermaker